Upcoming Events
October 31: Children's Ministries Family Event & Ignite Danbury-Bethel SDA

November 1: Homecoming Fellowship Luncheon
November 2: Women’s Prayer Breakfast
                      FRUIT ORDER DUE
                      Daylight Savings (Back 1 hour)
November 7: Prayer & Fasting
November 8: Children’s Sabbath
November15: Fellowship Luncheon & Witness Retreat
November 16: Board Meeting & FRUIT PICK-UP
November 22: Special Thanksgiving Sabbath
November 29: Praise & Testimonies Sabbath
November 30: Men's Prayer Breakfast

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Be a blessing


Welcome to: Brooklawn Seventh-day Adventist Church!

Please join us for prayer and worship on the below days and times or participate in one of the many activities listed on our calendar.

Tuesdays, 7:30PM (Prayer Meeting) 

Wednesdays, 5:30AM (Prayer Meeting) 
Wednesdays, 7:30PM (Bible Study & Prayer Meeting)

Saturdays, 8:45AM (Prayer Partners)

9:15AM (Sabbath School)

11:00AM (Divine Worship)


Pathfinder, Adveturers & AYS News
November 1-Bake Sale
December 20-Banquet @ Testos (7PM)


Brooklawn News: What's Happening?
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Ongoing 2014**

November 15, 2014

November 16, 2014

December 12-13, 2014**

Janaury 22-25, 2015**

February 20-22, 2015**

March 27-29, 2015**

April 14-18, 2015**